Does Everything Really Get Better When You Get A Degree?

Get A Degree But Find Out More About It. Read These Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a college and a university?

A college only offers various degrees on a specific area of study while a university has various colleges that offer a wie range of degrees in different majors. However, college and university seem to have little distinction in the UK and the US.

Are the universities and colleges you have accredited?

Absolutely. Either our universities and colleges are regionally or nationally accredited.

Do these universities and colleges have web sites?

Yes, they have web sites — from Alumni Association to Online Study Portal. These will be provided to you upon ordering from distinctive degree.

Do all universities have .edu web sites?

Unfortunately, only USA colleges or universities can use dot edu domains. Other universities outside the US cannot use dot edu domains. Instead they use either dot ca (.ca) if in Canada or dot uk (.uk) if in the UK.

How do I know that is not a scam?

Distinctive Degree has been providing legitimate transcripts and student records, reference letters, appreciation letters, acceptance letters, and graduation letter for some time now and our customers are satisfied. By request, we can provide lawyer certification and notarization to ensure that we are not a diploma mill. We try our best to offer you the best possible service you may require including graduation gown and hood from our list of universities as well as selected public universities degrees for an extra fee. Just let us know and we will provide you all the details you need.

What if I request for a reputable university?

We regret to say this is not allowed. We have our in-house education consultant that assesses your qualifications and decide which you university is mostly applicable. The same thing will also apply to your choice of degree and major.  You can email us, however, to request for public or state university degrees but this may cost a little higher than regular orders.

Can I choose the location of university that I wish to graduate from?

For your own benefit, we do not allow this feature as several universities use their jurisdictions celeverly. We offer our services to international customers without preference to any particular country. We guarantee that all universities we represent are legally formed and operating tertiary level institution in ENGLISH SPEAKING (developed) countries, for example, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK, Ireland,etc. English is the main medium of instruction for our partner universities. If you feel that the degree you seek must come from a location near you or that you cannot explain your degree through distance programs. That means physical attendance at the universities is not required then you should not apply. In addition, we will not that stupid to pick an Egyptian university to you if you are in Israel or we pick an Iran universities if you are in US. Most of our universities are coming from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland, France….etc.

What kind of universities are your partnered with — private or public?

We have university and college partners all over the world, including private and public.

What is my legal responsibility if there is any?

Yes. Upon making the purchase,  you agree that you have read, understood, and agreed to our Terms and Conditions and confirm that you have sufficient life or work experience or prior study to justify the award. You also agree to not disclose directly or indirectly any information regarding your connection to the university as stated in the confidential contract. We can make an application to the university on your behalf in a way we know you will be accepted to the university or specific degree program. This helps protect the interest of all parties involved including our customers, the universities, and the employers.

Can I contact to the university that provides me the degree via mail?

Yes, you may. After placing your order, we will send you a mini-brochure with all the school details. This will include email, fax number, and postal address. However, we encourage you to use fax or email when contacting the university as postal takes time to get immediate response.

Am I allowed to choose the date of my graduation?

Yes, of course. You simply select the month and year required from the drop down menu when you order but make sure that the date is not set in the future as this is illegal. suggestively, you may want to consider Mid-July or Mid-November as most universities hold their graduation convocation during these months.

Can you please specify a college or university for better understanding?

Due to confidentiality of our aggreement and to protect our customers’ privacy, we cannot disclose the names of universities and colleges that we are affiliated to. Also by not divulging specific names, we avoid negative image that our service may inflict. Rest assure though that we offer legal, accredited, verifiable, and  authentic, degrees. Our service is absutely legal, secure, and far from being diploma mill.

Does Everything Really Get Better When You Get A Degree?

Students around the world who did not have the privilege to continue or even step into college may find getting a degree trough distance learning or instant degree providers as the most convenient way out of college illiteracy. Distance learning is designed for people who want to get a degree online and enjoy a no-pressure kind of learning whereas legitimate instant degree providers offer legal degrees in different subjects.

Online schools encourage both graduates and undergraduates to get a degree, receive their diplomas after, and become competent professionals in their field of expertise. Achieving a bachelor title is not easy even with distance learning but it sure is worth it.

      • Get a degree for better career opportunities…Employers can be quite choosy especially when it comes to picking out their companies’ next assets. When you say you are a graduate of a certain online university, they want proof. The same goes when you are aspiring for a higher position in your company. You have to get a degree to get a high paying work. Ten years back, the academic method would matter but this s the year 2012. The past decade has seen progress enough to establish their good reputation. Aside from staying true to their state-of-the-art educational tools, they are also able to produce top-notch students that many employers think are more superior than traditional university graduates. Just the same, instant degrees help empower you qualifications. Provided you have enough skill set that is equivalent to the degree you want, you can get a degree from legitimate web sites.
      • Get a degree for economic growth…Being an undergraduate not only has a negative impact on your personal life as a whole but also on the country’s economy. It’s domino effect. As of May 2012, the unemployment rate went down from 9% of May last years to 8% and although it is not clear how many online school graduates contributed to this little but tolerable decline, degree holders are obviously managing to make their way out of joblessness after the recent recession. Whether you like it or not, degrees are powerful enough to help surge the economic status of a country no matter how slow or fast. This is because employers look to applicants who possess substantial credentials, hence skillful individuals, to keep their company afloat.
      • Get a degree as your personal achievement…Getting a degree is not always about getting a good job but it is also about self-fulfillment. College graduates whose passion is learning treat their diploma collection as their pride. Those who manage their priorities to get a degree on PhD hope to raise their social status even if a doctorate degree does not mean a raise in their salary.

There are so much that you can do, so many places you can go, and so many people to meet if you have good credentials tucked in your belt. This may sound a little discriminating but degree holders are looked up in the society than those who have no higher learning credentials to show.

Tips To Further Your Life

To many of us, a college diploma is everything believing it can bring us many goodies. It is true. In fact, many employers tend to walk past undergraduate candidates and hire professionals who hold a bachelor, master’s or doctorate’s degree to work for them. A good rule of thumb when you get a degree online, is to make sure that that you made the right choice in terms of university. Most of all, you should:

      • Choose an accredited online school if you plan to get a degree online and get a decent office job. Accreditation is a major recipe in building a reputation. When you search for an online school to get a degree from, make sure it is regionally accredited. We are talking about advantages here so you have to be aware of why regionally accredited schools are always on top of the game.
      • Make sure that you are eligible for student financial aid when you decide to get a degree. You do not usually get high monetary support from grants and scholarships but the little amount that you can get a degree will reduce your expenses considering that online school tuition fees can be very costly. Applicants who intend to get a degree from an honorable or doctorate degree, on the other hand, can actually sign up for a course without having to pay anything. Ask the school for more details so you can enjoy this tempting benefit.
      • If you choose to get a degree through instant degree providers, make sure to check whether it is not a scam or a diploma mill. Diploma mills are heavily advertised to make money without necessarily delivering accredited and legal credentials.

Whether you get a degree though distance learning or instant degrees, it is always important to verify al information to avoid making business with illegal providers. You also need to look for specific features such as accreditation before you get a degree or make a purchase. These tips will help you further your career and your status in the workplace.

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