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Buy A Degree Only From Legitimate Provider


Distinctive Degree offers legally issued instant degrees that come with official seals, verification service, accredited diploma, and university brochures. Student records are also inputted in the university database for further authentication purposes.  You can get degrees such as:

  • Associate’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Professional Diploma
  • Doctorate Degree (PhD)
  • Professorship Honorary
  • Doctorate Degree
  • Honorary Professorship
  • Fellowship

Check out our pricing scheme below…

DegreePriceYears Of ExperienceDetails
Associate DegreeUSD$ 1502 yearsAssociate Degrees are given to students who finished two years of college.
Higher DiplomaUSD$ 1502 yearsHigher diplomas are awarded to students who finished a two or three-year course.
Bachelor DegreeUSD$ 1703 yearsBachelor Degrees are awarded to students who finished four years of college and three years if the course is taken in three semesters per year.
Post Bachelor DiplomaUSD$ 1903 yearsPost Bachelor Degrees are given to students who completed another year/s of study after receiving their bachelor diploma.
Professional DiplomaUSD$ 1904 yearsProfessional Diplomas are given to individuals who are qualified to perform tasks in specific areas, usually awarded in selected majors only.
Master's DegreeUSD$ 2204 yearsAlso known as Magister Degree, a Master's Degrees are usually a continuation of the study and taken after receiving the Bachelor's Diploma.
Doctorate Degree (PHD)USD$ 2506 yearsA Doctorate Degree is a higher learning taken after receiving a Master's Degree. It takes three to six years of study.
Honorary Doctorate DegreeUSD$ 2708 yearsHonorary Degrees are awarded to doctorate degree holders to recognize his/her contribution to the society.
ProfessorshipUSD$ 2908 yearsThis degree is given to graduates who want to become professors in their area of specialization.
Honorary ProfessorshipUSD$ 32010 yearsHonorary Professors is given to professionals who exemplary work and contributions to the society.
FellowshipUSD$ 2908 yearsFellowship is awarded to members of the elite society who actively pursues higher education.

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Is It A Practical Idea Or A Big Mistake To Buy A Degree?

Buy A Degree

 Is It A Practical Idea Or A Big Mistake To Buy A Degree?

Money is the fastest way to becoming a pilot, an architect, and automotive expert or a doctor. Just buy a degree online and you are a few steps away from success. You may ask, is it legal? The answer is, it depends. Several online companies offer degrees at certain prices, depending if it is associate’s, bachelor, master’s, or PhD. The prices range from $120-$250 tops. While some people think it is a brilliant and practical idea, others consider it a scam. Let us piece the facts and try to understand the real thing behind this irresistible propaganda.

Same Old Scenarios

The job market is quite a tough place to be in especially if you are running a little behind on credentials. Most often, because you do not have a diploma or college transcript, you miss out on better career opportunities. Discrimination is a common scenario in the workplace but you cannot expect people to entertain someone who have no good educational background to show.

Since diploma is your ticket to success, you tend to fall for anything that sounds good and promises a brighter future, even buy a degree that you do not know may be fake. An instant degree is the thing. It is almost a must-have. If you want to succeed or be formally recognized for your expertise, be practical. Several individuals have started following the most sought-after offer on the web today. Buy a degree online and get promoted.

Buy A Degree: This Is The (Real) Thing

Distance learning picked up quickly in the market since it was first conceptualized because it gave people a faster and more convenient way to finish college and earn a degree. However, instant degrees became an instant subject of controversy since it came out. People would buy a degree online to get ahead at work or avoid discrimination so instant degrees almost become not just an item but a life-saver.

People who wish to take their job to a higher level buy a degree especially if they display expertise in a specific area of study. This may have been developed from years of employment or extensive exposure to the subject. Usually, the company offering you to buy a degree would have you filled out a few forms and answer some questionnaires to prove your proficiency. The diploma along with the necessary credentials is then delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days, normally five days to one week. That is basically how you buy a degree.

Out of legitimacy, these companies would issue other certifications with apostille to ensure that the institution, school, or training center would back you up in case a background check is performed. Among the clients of these services include professionals and college undergrads.

So What Now?

Whether it is the real thing or not is up to you to decide. You can buy a degree from legitimate web sites that guarantee you unquestionable credentials. Already, many people have gone through the process and benefited from it. We can call them the practical ones. It is just a matter of choice and logic. With the heavy marketing going on around instant degrees, why should you not try it? The important thing is to buy a degree from a legitimate provider that sends you legally issued papers so you won’t have any problems.

When you buy a degree, the only time it becomes a big mistake is when you fail to use it wisely. If you buy a degree, you claim to be the best at something, so you have to show your boss or potential employers that you are indeed who you say you are.

One who wants to secure a legitimate set of education documents must be careful in choosing the company they deal with. If you are considering the same thing, verify first before ordering. You are lucky if you find those very rare instant degree providers that are also affiliates of renowned universities in your state or country to buy a degree from.